Virtual Herbaria AR/VR

Fictitious Herbarium - Specimen Data 2021

Typology:  Game Design |
Micro Module: AR/VR

Timeline:  Summer 2022

Location:  Joshua Tree, California

Software:  Maya, Unity

Collaborators:  Yue Luo, Quancheng Wu

Data, Representation, and Reality

Virtual Herbaria challenges traditional methods of visualizing and utilizing large datasets, archives, and libraries. By using algorithms to sort and identify accurate information, we aim to address the question of representation, reality, and artifice.

Through the lens of Andrea Wulf's 'The Invention of Nature' and Heide Hatry's 'Not a Rose', we will explore the impact of technology and climate change on our environment.

Specifically, we will study the Online Herbarium of the Southern Californian Desert to create an immersive experience through spatializing data using Unity Game Engine.