L A S T  L I G H T 


Typology:  Film + VR World Build +
Book Layout + Product
Design + Augmented Reality

Timeline:  Winter 2023

Software:  Unreal Engine, C4D, Rhino, Adobe Suite, Adobe Aero

Advisors:  Natasha Sandmeier,
Liam Denhamer

Collaborators:  Zhiyang Gou, Yinghao Zhang

The world-building concept I am presenting is not just a mere depiction of a dystopian future; it is a testament to the indomitable human spirit and our ability to adapt and thrive even in the most challenging circumstances. It envisions a world where humanity, faced with dwindling resources and rising sea levels, has ingeniously transformed abandoned oil rigs into self-sustaining floating cities.

What sets this project apart is its attention to detail and the rich tapestry of experiences it offers. Imagine a world perpetually shrouded in a thick, mysterious fog, where land becomes inhospitable, and survival hinges on the luminous glow of specially adapted plants and creatures.

This captivating and otherworldly environment is brought to life through a meticulously crafted film, a captivating virtual reality experience, a thoughtfully curated guidebook, and a mesmerizing physical model of the lantern that symbolizes hope in this new world. The project not only captivates the audience but also provokes deep reflection on our own relationship with the environment and the limitless possibilities of human adaptation.



In this captivating storyboard concept, we follow a young protagonist who wakes up in his bedroom, which doubles as an abandoned control room. He checks his DIY lantern, realizing that he needs to venture to the Light Library to acquire a new light source. Despite not being qualified to rent a lantern, the kid embarks on a daring journey, taking a risky shortcut to sneak into the library. As he navigates through narrow hallways, a sewing workshop, and a corridor adorned with control panels and pipelines, anticipation builds. Finally, he enters the mesmerizing "light library," a space dedicated to harvesting, storing, and transporting luminous plants and animals. Curiosity drives him to explore, but a sudden loud noise startles him, prompting a hasty exit. As he leaves, he encounters a dim environment filled with pipes, the source of the previous sounds. However, his attention is swiftly drawn to the foyer, a gathering place for the community. There, the people unite, each holding up lanterns, transforming the space into a magical scene reminiscent of fireflies illuminating the night. This captivating storyboard concept offers an intriguing narrative that unfolds within a visually stunning world, inviting the audience to experience a mix of adventure, mystery, and the awe-inspiring power of light.

“ L A S T  L I G H T “

V I R T U A L   R E A L I T Y 

The virtual reality component of our experience has been meticulously designed with a clear vision in mind. The idea was to push the boundaries of conventional design and create an immersive journey that sparks boundless creativity. Each intricately crafted environment aims to captivate participants' senses and transport them to extraordinary realms. The fusion of architectural innovation and imaginative concepts forms the foundation of this unique experience. The dynamically adaptive audio further enhances the immersion, creating an unparalleled sense of presence. Our goal is to inspire and challenge perceptions, inviting participants to explore captivating landscapes, visionary architectural marvels, and conceptual masterpieces.

Discovery Lab

Lumos Archive

Luminary Hall

Showcasing sleek metallic surfaces and a fluid design, the sophisticated architecture of the space captivates with its dynamic interconnected pipes, highlighting its industrial nature.
With an ethereal design that combines elegance, functionality, the space creates a captivating showcase for plants. Crafted with a luminous atmosphere, it ensures optimal storage immersing in a visually stunning experience.
Fostering warmth, community, and togetherness, the inviting atmosphere of the space welcomes individuals to gather. Soft lighting enhances the ambiance, while the lanterns create a mesmerizing scene, evoking unity and a touch of magic






The project delves into the significance of natural light in architectural design and how its absence poses intriguing challenges. By weaving together elements from the past, present, and future, we aim to spark contemplation about the importance of daylight and its profound influence on our daily experiences. As architects, we strive to reimagine spaces that transcend the limitations of traditional lighting, fostering innovative solutions that inspire and captivate.

Join us on this journey as we invite you to question the boundaries of design and imagine a future where even the absence of light becomes an opportunity for creativity and transformation.