Kinetic Cartography

[‘hyper objects]

Typology:  Mega Module: Moving Maps

Timeline: Summer 2020

Software:  C4D, Octane Render

Tutor:  Tucker van Leuwen-Hall

Cartography is a tool that, like any other means of representation, is inherently flawed by biases and generalizations. It has been historically used to facilitate imperial territorial expansion, colonial conquest, and the segregation of populations.

However, cartography is a slow-to-change technique, much like architecture. One issue with cartography is that it relies on static assumptions for how the world changes, despite the fact that the earth's crust and geological expression are constantly in motion.

As we develop more powerful and complex imaging devices, it becomes clear that static representations offered by cartography fall short of capturing the ever-changing nature of the earth.

MAP 01

MAP 02

MAP 03