Typology:  Cultural Community Center

Timeline:  Winter 2020

Location:  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Program:  IDIDE Collaboration with
Deakin University

Collaborators:  Dominic Randell, Yixi Chen, Arisya Sofea, Muzzamil Taufik

The Hati Gapis project in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is a testament to the power of community-driven design. Through thoughtful consideration of the needs and desires of the Orang Asli community, we were able to create a space that not only meets their functional requirements but also speaks to their cultural identity.

The design of the space was informed by a deep understanding of the community's connection to the ancient Gombak tree, which serves as the project's namesake.

Our team was able to create a sustainable approach to community engagement, one that respected the community's values and celebrated its history. The end result is a space that captures the essence of the Orang Asli Community, and which will serve as a place of pride and respect for generations to come.


Inspired by the Gombak tree's ability to sustain life
in the rainforest, rainwater harvesting was incorporated
By using bamboo and other natural material, we aimed to create a space that harmonizes with the surrounding environment and reflects the Orang Asli's respect for the earth.


A Comprehensive Manual for the Revitalization
of Bamboo Roof
Importance of Bamboo Nodes in Construction:
Maintaining Structural Integrity